Cosmetic Fillings in Sanford, FL

Cosmetic Fillings in Sanford, FL

Tooth decay manifests itself in the form of cavities, the large dark spots on teeth where the tooth’s enamel and dentin have been eaten away by oral bacteria. The cavities do not appear suddenly, and they start as tiny areas of tooth decay known as caries and develop over time. If the caries is detected early, the tooth decay can be treated with minimal alteration to the enamel.

The development in the field of dental technology has brought into existence the materials that can restore your teeth beautifully, providing a natural look. The dentist in Sanford, FL, with the help of cosmetic fillings, can treat small cavities or caries. These filings are manufactured from a flexible material to fill in the part of the tooth that has been decayed by attaching itself to the surface of the healthy tooth. These filings are composed of composite resin and are made from a mixture of glass and acrylic resin. They have the property of hardening into a tooth-colored material. This material is quite strong and blends in effortlessly with the tooth’s natural color.  

What is the process of placing the Cosmetic Fillings?

The procedure of fixing the cosmetic fillings will depend on the type of filling and tooth location. There are two basic types of methods when it comes to cosmetic fillings. The first method involves a direct filling and an indirect inlay in the second method. The dentist secures the filling directly on the spot and uses a blue light to help harden the filling in the direct process. The technique is slightly different for the indirect inlay filling. The inlay filling will require an impression of the teeth to be taken. With the help of the impression, the filling is cast from the mold of the tooth. The filling will have to be cemented in place during the next visit to the dentist.

What are the benefits of Cosmetic Fillings?

  • Pleasing appearance:When you speak or smile, the cosmetic fillings are barely visible, and they look very natural.
  • Minimal preparation:They require significantly less healthy tooth structure removal before their placement compared to the traditional amalgam fillings.
  • Prevent decay:The glass ionomer present in fillings helps release a bit of fluoride for extra protection. This protection is especially beneficial for people who are at high risk of decay.
  • Maintain tooth health: The Cosmetic Fillings can help preserve most of the healthy tooth structure as these fillings can fill all small or medium-sized cavities. 
  • Avoid metal allergens:People who are found to be allergic to the metals can repair their teeth without fear of an allergic reaction.
  • Build up tooth structure:Cosmetic Fillings can also fill in minor gaps, chips, or worn-out areas of the teeth to provide a better function and appearance. 

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