Tooth Extractions in Sanford, FL

Tooth Extractions in Sanford, FL

It is one of the most common concerns of a dentist in Sanford, FL who believes that preserving your natural teeth is the best way to keep a mouth healthy. Without a doubt, if a person retains their natural teeth until old age, it’s a sure sign of a healthy lifestyle. However, that’s not the case for most of the general population. Besides the lack of proper oral hygiene, there are many aspects that contribute to why many people cannot preserve their teeth. At times, this also has to do with hereditary diseases, including dental caries, which are passed down to children. It indicates that no matter how much you clean and maintain your teeth, you may still get tooth decay where a tooth extraction cannot be avoided.

What is the process involved in Tooth Extraction?

One of the most regular dental procedures is the removal of a tooth. This procedure is an invasive approach to extracting a tooth from the socket. There are two types of tooth removal, including simple tooth extraction and the other method in which surgery is involved.

A simple procedure is appropriate for a patient whose affected tooth is completely visible and easily extracted. Meanwhile, a tooth has to be surgically removed if secured in the gums or could not erupt out of the gums.

Generally, the removal of a tooth begins with loosening it with the help of a dental elevator and then pulling it out using a forceps pair. If the condition is more complex, such as an impacted tooth, the oral surgeon makes an incision on the gums first. If the need arises, they will break the impacted tooth into smaller parts. This way, it becomes easier to pull the tooth out than having to extract the whole tooth.

The treatment duration usually lasts for an hour or so and can be accomplished in a single trip to the dentist. To make you comfortable, the dentist will give you anesthetics before the start of the treatment. If required, your dentist will also offer sedation to keep you calm throughout the process.  

When does it become necessary for a Tooth Extraction?

If your dentist recommends this procedure, you should know that it’s the best option at the moment. Here are the possible reasons why extraction cannot be avoided.

  • A tooth extraction gives you relief from pain. When a patient goes to a dentist with dental pain, the most common causes are tooth decay or an object is lodged in the tooth. These simple issues are quickly resolved. There could be some other reasons for such discomfort, like you might have developed an infection that has already reached the tooth roots. If the infection is not treated, it can inflict more pain on the patient. If the severity of the dental problem is high, removing the tooth is the only way to reduce your discomfort.
  • It helps eliminate the problem itself. An infection in the tooth could spread pretty fast, making it harder to treat. When this happens, the situation becomes more complex and will require more dental intervention. Apart from this, delaying the treatment will also protract the patient’s discomfort. When the damage to the tooth is already severe and no longer reversible, the only remedy is to remove the tooth itself. 
  • Tooth extractions help save the rest of the teeth. One considerable risk of dentists is to try avoiding the spread of infection to the neighboring teeth. If the disease has already affected the other teeth, it will involve more dental treatments and more complicated procedures. To prevent further harm to the adjacent teeth, tooth removal must be done to stop the spread of infection. 

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