Root Canals in Sanford, FL

Root Canals in Sanford, FL

Root canal treatment is a necessary procedure undertaken by dentist in Sanford, FL to save a severely infected tooth and avoid unnecessary extractions. Many patients have concerns that root canal treatment will be painful and excruciating. But, the latest advancements in dental technology and the use of anesthesia have made root canals a relatively painless procedure. Today's patients find root canal treatment an easy and stress-free experience. 

A root canal is carried out to eliminate the inflamed and infected pulp from a tooth's inside. The tooth's inside is carefully disinfected and cleaned after the pulp is removed. The tooth is later filled and sealed with a special medicated material. After a few days of the healing period, a restorative appliance such as a crown or filling is attached to the treated tooth so that the patient can continue to chew and bite without experiencing any problems. The complete procedure is performed under local anesthesia to make the patient feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

What are the benefits offered by a root canal procedure?

  • It Stops the Spread of Infection to Adjacent Teeth:An infection causes tooth decay in the tooth cavity. Root canal therapy helps to eliminate the bacteria that cause the infection. Once the bacteria are removed, the tooth will be cleaned and disinfected, which in turn helps minimize the cause of toothache or tooth decay. When the infected tooth is treated, the chances of the bacteria spreading are reduced.
  • It gives an instant Appealing Result:  The Root canal procedure involves treating the tooth pulp or nerve and capping it with a crown or any other dental restoration. The treated tooth is later sealed with a tooth-colored filling or crown that delivers a fresh and beautiful appearance. It also reinstates both the functionality and the aesthetic of your teeth. 
  • It Prevents the Degeneration of the Jawbone:One of the significant benefits of a root canal procedure is tooth conservation. The jawbone remains intact when teeth are preserved. Jawbone degeneration can happen due to a missing tooth over some time.
  •  It Intends to Save Your Teeth: A Root canal procedure is a dental solution whose aim is to save your tooth, and as a result, you do not have to anxious about losing a tooth or developing a gap between teeth. At the end of a root canal treatment, your tooth will return to a healthy state and will start functioning like any other tooth.
  • It Improves Oral and Overall Health:  Severe tooth decay can have detrimental effects on a person's oral health. A person with poor oral health is in danger of suffering from complicated health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, dementia, etc. An infected tooth can cause a grave threat to your overall health. Treating tooth decay not only helps improve your oral health but also gives a boost to your overall health. 

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