What Is Dental Bonding Used For?

What Is Dental Bonding Used For?

Posted by Deirdre Pittman on Apr 7 2023, 08:54 PM

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment using composite resin to repair teeth chipped, cracked, stained, or gapped teeth. The dentist applies the resin directly to the tooth and shapes it as needed. After hardening with a special light, the bonded teeth are shaped and polished for a natural-looking finish. The dentist may recommend a whitening treatment before the dental bonding procedure for optimal results. This can help remove any staining on the tooth that may interfere with the color-matching process. Once completed, the teeth should be cared for like natural teeth, with regular brushing and flossing and regular visits to the dentist at Dental SPA, for regular examinations and cleanings.  

The Benefits of Dental Bonding  

  • Dental bonding is a quick, easy, and inexpensive restoration option. It’s also painless and can be completed in just one dentist appointment.   
  • The composite material for dental bonding can easily match your natural tooth color. The material bonds directly to your tooth enamel without special tools, so it’s an economical alternative to porcelain veneers.   
  • It’s easy to chip or crack a tooth. If this happens to you, we can repair the tooth with dental bonding in a single appointment. This can give you confidence in your smile and prevent you from feeling self-conscious while you talk, laugh, and eat with others.   
  • Unlike crowns or caps, dental bonding can typically be completed without removing sensitive parts of your tooth structure. That means the procedure is more comfortable for you. The process is also reversible, so we can remove and replace the material if you need to adjust it during your recovery.   
  • Dental bonding doesn’t stain as natural teeth will. This means the bonded material won't change color if you eat or drink something that stains your teeth. This is another reason it is often recommended as a cosmetic treatment for teeth in the front of the mouth.   

Is Dental Bonding Painful?  

The dentist applies tooth-colored resin to the teeth and then hardens the resin with a special light. No pain is associated with this treatment, although patients can use anesthetics. Many patients find dental bonding a great option because it can be completed in one office visit and is affordable. There are several different reasons why the dentist may recommend dental bonding for the patient. It can help close small gaps between teeth or change the teeth' color, and it can also be used to improve the shape of a tooth that is broken or chipped. During a dentist’s office consultation, the dentist will thoroughly examine the patient’s mouth to determine if dental bonding is the best option for their needs. Then the dentist will create a customized treatment plan.   

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