How to Floss Teeth Correctly?

How to Floss Teeth Correctly?

Posted by Dr. Pittman on Oct 14 2021, 05:30 AM

Flossing is a crucial part of any dental hygiene routine. It removes the food stuck between your teeth and it is a useful way to fight off plaque buildup. 

Plaque is the primary cause of tooth decay. Flossing once a day is necessary to maintain the health of your teeth. 

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Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to correctly floss your teeth:

Proper Flossing Technique

  • Step 1:Cut about 18 inches of floss. Wind most of the floss around the middle fingers of both hands, leaving only a three or four-inch gap. 
  • Step 2: Use your thumb and index fingers to hold the floss tautly. Remember to relax your cheeks and lips. 
  • Step 3: Gently glide the floss between your teeth using a sawing motion. Do not snap it against your gums even if you have less space between the teeth. 
  • Step 4: Rub the floss up and down the surface of the tooth gently on one side. Make sure to take it a little below the gum line. When it reaches the gum line, angle the floss to curve around the side of the tooth to form a C shape. 
  • Step 5:  After completing the above step, take the floss to the opposite side of the tooth and repeat. 
  • Step 6: Remove the used floss from between your teeth. Unwind clean floss from the middle finger and wrap the used one around the other finger.
  • Step 7:Repeat the steps for all your teeth. Don’t forget to clean the backside of your last molars. Throw away the used floss once done. 

After flossing, rinse with water or use mouthwash. Many people usually floss after brushing. However, it is recommended to floss before brushing. Flossing first releases the stuck particles from your teeth, and brushing will remove them from your mouth. 

Things to Remember  

A few things you should remember before flossing:

  • Many types of dental floss are available in the market. Choose the type of floss that suits your needs and preferences.
  • If using floss is a problem, you can choose tools like water flossers or floss picks.
  • Use a floss with an ADA seal of acceptance.

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