How Our Dental Practice Has Always Been COVID-19 Compliant

How Our Dental Practice Has Always Been COVID-19 Compliant

Posted by Dr. Pittman on Mar 30 2021, 06:47 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a significant change in the way we go about our routine. Many regular outdoor activities, such as heading out for a jog, meeting up with your loved ones, going out on a date, etc., have become riskier due to the possibility of getting infected by the virus. One other aspect that has seen a few changes in the way patients visit their healthcare providers and the various protocols followed by them.

How have dental practices adjusted to the change?

During the initial stages of the pandemic, many people skipped their routine dental consultations due to the fear of coming in contact with others and getting infected. Since then, a few changes have been made to the way dental consultations are conducted. However, it is important to note that we, as a dental practice, were always compliant with the safety standards to ensure our patients have a convenient and safe visit. Here are some of the measures that we always emphasize and have paid more attention to during the pandemic:

Masks: Covering the mouth and nose using a face mask is the need of the hour. It significantly reduces the chances of the COVID-19 virus from entering our bodies and also keeps infected individuals from spreading it to healthy ones. Our staff has always adhered to wearing face masks for the safety of our patients and themselves.

Wiping the work surfaces clean: This is a protocol that we have always followed, irrespective of the pandemic. After every patient leaves our dental practice post their consultation, the work surfaces and equipment will be well-sanitized to get rid of any possible pathogens.

Additional measures

Health check: When you call us or schedule an online appointment, our team will reach out to you to schedule your consultation. We will ask you a few questions related to your current state of health, and basis the responses, a suitable consultation will be provided.

Waiting area: Earlier, there used to be a common waiting area in a clinic before the dentist invited you in. But, in the current scenario, this can increase your chances of getting infected. Hence, we urge our patients to wait in their cars until it is their time for the consultation.

Sanitizers: When you come into our practice, you may notice that we have placed sanitizers at prominently used places. They can be utilized by both our staff and patients to clean their hands and prevent the transmission of the virus.

You may schedule a consultation with our team of dental experts by calling us at (407) 330-3601 or reaching us through an online query. We’re always happy to help.

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