How Dental Practices Have Always Been Covid-19 Compliant

How Dental Practices Have Always Been Covid-19 Compliant

Posted by Dr. Pittman on Mar 29 2021, 11:33 AM

It has become common knowledge that Covid-19 pushed the CDC to issue a face mask mandate wherein every individual stepping out of their residences is required to wear a mask to prevent the spread of the virus. In effect, the virus pushed various practices used by many dental offices for ages as the bare minimum for hygiene and safety to aid us in our fight against the spread. For the uninitiated, dental practices have always been Covid-19 compliant to a certain degree. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most important routines that haven’t just become commonplace in the United States but possibly, all over the world.

  • The practice of wearing masks and gowns

Dentists are fully aware that the mouth is a breeding ground for millions of easily transferable bacteria. That’s the reason why dentists have always followed the practice of wearing masks while treating their patients, whether it is for a routine dental checkup or complex dental procedures. Dentists were already aware, even before Covid, that oral hygiene is essential for good health.

  • The practice of wiping down common surfaces

We’ve come to see restaurants, cinemas, and public transport wiping down and disinfecting common surfaces and seats to minimize the chances of the virus spreading. But, what many of us haven’t realized is that dental offices have always followed this practice as a thumb rule because keeping the treatment facility hygienic and germ-free is the first step to offering quality care. Hence, they have always wiped down common surfaces to keep their patients worry-free.

  • The practice of washing hands and wearing disposable gloves

Another reason why dental offices have been covid-compliant is that they have always followed the practice of washing their hands with soap and using hand sanitizers every time they come in close contact with a patient. Also, they always wear disposable gloves, which are promptly disposed of in the trash after one-time use.

Dental practices have always been aware of just how dangerous germs and bacteria can be and how the mouth plays a major role in spreading them. Hence, they’ve been Covid-19 compliant even before such a thing existed. So, if you have any concerns about visiting a dentist, you can rest assured as they have upped their cleanliness game to practically become near impenetrable for deadly viruses.

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