Dentist Vs Orthodontist

Dentist Vs Orthodontist

Posted by Dr. Pittman on Mar 3 2022, 07:13 AM

Orthodontists and dentists both help patients in restoring their oral health, but in very different ways. Dentistry is a broad medical specialty concerned with the teeth, gums, nerves, and jaw. Whereas, orthodontics is a subspecialty of dentistry concerned with correcting bites, occlusion, and tooth straightness. Dental SPA is always here for you.

Differences Between Dentist and Orthodontist

As a dental specialist, an orthodontist must complete additional training, similar to how a doctor must complete additional training to become a surgeon. Another distinction is that orthodontists specialize in assisting patients with tooth alignment, improving their bite, and fitting them for corrective braces and devices. A dentist will refer a patient to an orthodontist if the latter has an overbite.

Dentists Offer the Following Services:

  • Dental X-rays and interpretation
  • Teeth extraction 
  • Repair of cracked and broken teeth
  • Instruction on oral health and hygiene
  • Filling and bonding of a tooth
  • Treatment of gum disease, such as gingivitis
  • Prescription of medications and prescription drugs
  • Installation of crowns or veneers 
  • Teeth whitening
  • Supervision of the growth of children's teeth
  •  Oral surgery

Orthodontists Perform the Following Tasks:

  • Monitor children’s facial development (jawline and bite).
  • Detect, diagnose, and treat misaligned teeth and jaws (malocclusion)
  • Develop a treatment strategy that includes braces and retainers
  • Perform teeth-straightening surgery
  • Determine and install the appropriate orthodontic device like braces, orthodontic headgear, palatal expanders, or Herbst appliances

Do You Need a Dentist or an Orthodontist?

Consider your dentist to be a general dental health professional and your orthodontist to be a specialist in his field. A visit to the dentist can resolve the majority of common dental issues.

Your dentist can diagnose and treat tooth pain, tooth decay, etc. They can also treat gum disease, oral inflammation, and infections. But your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist in some cases. Jaw misalignment, tooth crowding, and palate expansion may all necessitate the services of an orthodontist.

It is also recommended that all children be evaluated by an orthodontist before the age of seven to determine whether braces will be required.

While a dentist can provide orthodontic care in addition to extractions, TMJ treatments, and fillings, entrusting your smile to an orthodontist can better balance the various procedures you require. 

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